Stone styles inspired by natural colors and textures

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Best Stoneworks offers three stonecutting styles, each available in several color patterns. Ashlar refers to a building stone that has been squared off into a block. Fieldstone retains a more natural shape, although we trim the stones slightly so they are easier to lay. Ledgestone is composed of strips of stone that are 1 – 4 inches thick and 4 – 14 inches long.

Our veneers are all hand-colored, and available in tints ranging from blues and grays to browns and buffs, often with touches of iron. Some of our veneers duplicate the color, texture and veins of mica that are found in the stone that is indigenous to this area. Examples are our Media Ashlar and Brandywine Black - which are dyed with the colors of stone that are found in the Greater Philadelphia Area as well as the lower Brandywine Creek. At Best Stoneworks we take pride in creating veneers with the integral color of authentic stone.

Best Stoneworks stone veneer is hand-colored in sections of 100 square feet. The styles can be combined to create your own unique look. For a guide to the colors and shapes of Best Stoneworks veneer patterns, click below:

• Ashlar
• Fieldstone
• Ledgestone

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Coloring and packaging notes

  • Coloring is randomized within a range of color.
  • Coloring is based on a lot size of 100 square feet.
  • Colors are mixed from top to bottom in the boxes. The stone that is on the bottom should be mixed with stones that are on different layers, rather than with stone that is on the same level.
  • Scratches, nicks and bruises add to the authentic look of the stone. Often when we make display panels we intentionally rub them together to create scratches.
  • Stone will break in transit, but once you put them on the wall, nobody will ever know.
Please see are sample page for a full range of styles.

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